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Unicorniz Innovation Private Limited is a deep-tech startup specializing in AR/VR solutions through its flagship product, VRKSHETRA. VRKSHETRA is an innovative VR content platform developed by Unicorniz Innovation Private Limited. It specializes in creating immersive and interactive virtual reality experiences tailored for varied sectors. VRKSHETRA utilizes advanced VR technology to bring historical sites, cultural landmarks, and complex concepts to life, making them accessible to a broader audience, including underserved regions and individuals with disabilities. The platform aims to democratize access to cultural heritage, enhance learning and training, improve disaster preparedness, and offer engaging gaming experiences, thereby contributing to cultural preservation and economic growth.


OurCore TeamMembers

Meet the Minds Behind the Magic: Our success is driven by a passionate team of experts. From seasoned developers to creative designers and AI/ML specialists, we bring a wealth of experience and dedication to every project.


Mr. Dinesh Lal

CEO & Founder


Mr. M Vinod

COO & Founder


Our Design & DevelopmentProcess

We take your vision from concept to reality. Our collaborative approach blends design thinking with cutting-edge development practices, including AI/ML and AR/VR. We deliver exceptional user experiences through agile methodologies, rigorous testing, and ongoing support.

Collaborative Discovery

We partner with you to understand goals, target audience, and desired functionalities.

Creative Design

Engaging interfaces, user flows, and immersive experiences (AR/VR) tailored to you.

AI/ML Integration

Seamless integration of AI/ML models (e.g., X) to enhance user experience.

Agile Development

Efficient, iterative development with continuous feedback and rapid adaptation.

Rigorous Testing & Deployment

Comprehensive testing ensures a polished, bug-free product before deployment.

Ongoing Support

Maintenance and support to ensure your product thrives and adapts to evolving needs.


UNICORNIZ INNOVATION is a name synonymous with excellence, simplicity and dedication. A coterie of talented minds seeking not just success but perfection.


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